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Verona and Venice, my surprising winter sunshine.

I don't know about you but I am so over January. I know its the 26th and I know I shouldn't wish my days away but seriously, this has been the longest month I think I've ever endured. Not only are we all tightening our belts but our belts are appearing literally tighter following the festive period.
By now, I've normally booked some Winter sun or at least a little city break to give me a focus and a reason to save some pennies rather than fund my gin habit. But no, for now no one has offered to whisk me away nor has any one accepted my constant nagging about booking a break ( but I'm sure I'm wearing them down ). 
The gloominess of the last week or two has had me delving into images of the past years city breaks and beachy adventures and reminiscing over amazing memories created in 2017. Most surprising and breathtaking of them all was Italy, Dec 2017. 
Visiting both Verona and Venice just before Christmas not only offered the most glorious sunshine I've ever…
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Taste At Rofuto, Birmingham - Afternoon Tea

If you're anything like my friends and I, we'll pretty much jump at every opportunity to go for afternoon tea. I don't know whether its the social aspect, the never ending pots of tea or the lashings and lashings of clotted cream that get us over excited. I personally enjoy the whole experience after all, who doesn't love a few hours with their favourite girls? A few hours spent ideally in a new venue with an amazing variety of delicious desserts and if we're lucky, Bottomless Prosecco, which has helped to turn many afternoon teas into so much more.

Imagine my delight in opening an email from East Village inviting me to join some wonderful Birmingham Bloggers at Rofuto, to experience their new Afternoon Tea Menu. Having recently visited Rofuto to celebrate their birthday, I literally couldn't wait to experience this!

Upon arrival we were greeted by the wonderful ladies from East Village along with a glass of Prosecco, before taking in the spectacular views of Bir…

Tamatanga Birmingham - Lets Eat.Drink.Indian

Tamatanga, Birmingham 

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited along to the launch night of Tamatanga, the same Tamatanga that I'd been recently been eyeing up on my daily journeys into Brum. The venue is the latest Indian restaurant to pop up in Birmingham just minutes away from my beloved Island Bar, Victoria and Be at 1 to name but a few.

Launch night doubled up as a date night for my friends and I and what better way to moan about a miserable Monday that over cocktails and food with some of my faves. Tamatanga appeared bright and inviting upon arrival, the neon slogan signs and lighting were visually pleasing and after discussion we decided that it offered a similar vibe as Las Iguanas, Turtle Bay etc.

As we were slightly early for our table we took a seat in the bar after ordering cocktails and mocktails, someone had to drive, right? I had the delicious Vanilla velvet, Joanne tried the Blackberry Buzz which she kept returning to throughout the evening and Tammy our designated…

A plus size Autumnal wish list

Up until today I have been completely adamant that we are still to expect some warm summer days throughout September, cause' that's what normally happens right, wrong!

It's the 10th of September and last night I was wearing a Polar bear onesie (complete with ears) and snuggled within two duvets. That is not normal for September however, I've come to accept that rather than praying for one last sandal day it's time to embrace the autumnal fashion that's been hitting the high street over the last few weeks.

Fashion wise, autumnal fashion screams cardigans and Chelsea boots to me. A sea of khaki and mustard will soon be taking over your high street and me ( if I'm lucky ). Chunky knit cardigans and patterned winter scarves will now be part of my daily wardrobe until I have to put on a decent winter coat. I'm not a 'winter coat' kind of girl and will hold out generally until my winter evenings are spent at the German Market, supping mulled wine and ea…

The heat is on in Saigon (and the Hippodrome)

The heat is on in Saigon..(and The Hippodrome)
It's very rare that I get totally excited due to an email and pretty unheard of that I squeal at one (unless there's an amazing gig tickets to be released). But this time, the squeal was very much necessary. I had been invited by Brum Bloggers to attend the Hippodrome's launch of their summer menu as well as to a performance of Miss Saigon. Wow, simply WOW!

I'm a frequent visitor to the Hippodrome whether it be for a Matthew Bourne production which always happens to fall on my Birthday or a girly get together post Hurst Street cocktails. I simply adore the theatre, whether it be reliving an old classic or getting lost in something unknown. However, Miss Saigon is a show I was yet to see. It was discussed when announced in Birmingham but none of the girls took the lead on arranging the night and I for one could not bear to start another Whatsapp group. So, the thought of the performance along with a Miss Saigon inspired menu …
Cake Cake Cake...

Unless you've been completely walking around your city with your eyes shut you would have realised that dessert shops are popping up everywhere and by everywhere I mean everywhere. Town centres, villages, shopping centres, high streets... everywhere!!

Whether you're one scoop or two, a strawberry and white chocolate crepe, an Oreo waffle or peanut butter cup shake, the dessert shop phenomenon is taking over and I quite like it.

After a 5am wake up call and a full shift at work (on a Sunday may I add) the girls and I planned for dessert, to simply get us through our Sunday and well.....'cause we love cake. 

And then there was Eis Cafe - Small Heath, Birmingham. 

Eis Cafe is owned by four Spanish brothers who had dreams of owning an ice cream parlour and coffee shop when they were younger. Two of the brothers moved away to Germany for a while before all of them made their move to the UK. It was then that Eis was born...The guys wanted to bring something new to th…