Sunday, 6 August 2017

Bits of plus size loveliness..

Having recently started a new job, a job that I really do enjoy I’ve felt that this is the perfect excuse to peruse my favourite ( yet limited ) online stores, revisit those ever growing baskets and treat myself to a few bits of loveliness of the plus size variety.
For someone of my size and age I dread to think that I may ever look frumpy but also that I may appear to be trying too hard. I’m very conscious that people do look at me, judge me even and I’m terrified of fuelling that judgement and dare I say comments because of the way I choose to simply be me.
As discussed previously in my blog Hey, Hi, Hello, I’m not the most confident of girls, especially in the skin that I’m in however, a few of my basket treats have even surprised me. Don’t get me wrong, I will not be baring the tops of my arms nor will I be showing off my chubby brown and oddly pigmented legs anytime soon but at least I’m not saying never ( and that’s a big deal for me ).

Let’s face it ,shopping is hard at the best of times when you fall into any of the additional categories such as plus size, tall, petite, maternity let alone having on trend fashion thrust into your face knowing that it will not cater to you. My advice to you and I would be to at least try, you may even surprise yourself.

Happy Shopping,



  1. I love the New Look jeans they look amazing! I find New Look, if I find the right store, is perfect for me as I have really short legs which no other store has my length!
    - Sam x

  2. Love everything you picked, so pretty! x


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