Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Chung Ying's Bloggers Banquet

I was recently invited to Chung Ying Garden, for a bloggers banquet. The event promised 100 Dim Sum, yes 100!!! I was really excited at the thought of the menu and being invited along via East Village. However, the thought of this being my first event was making me a little anxious.

Fast forward to the event and I'd met up with a lovely blogger, Becky and found myself a beer from the bar. Many smiling and welcoming faces greeted me and so it began..

James, the managing director of the Chung Ying Restaurant Group (yes, there are three of them ) began the night by discussing the Dim Sum dishes, both traditional and many that had you stepping outside of your comfort zone. 

And then there was food, so so much food...

My many favourites from the evening included the steamed scallops and king prawn dumplings and the steamed spare ribs in black bean sauce. I was not into the idea of the chicken feet which many people were trying but in order to try something out of my comfort zone, I tried the baby octopus and surprisingly enjoyed it.

I'd like to come back again with friends and get them to sample the many delights of Dim Sum at Chung Ying's Garden, to me a definite location for a social dining experience.


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